what is one minute answer?

what is one minute answer?

With one minute answer we give experts a maximum of one minute to respond to a question or statement. And we know that this can be damn difficult with such complex topics.

Because time and again in discussions you hear populist statements that are extremely abbreviating, but because they are so simple, they simply stick better in your head. The scientific explanation is actually always much more complex and sometimes you wish that people who really know about it would simply get to the point faster.

With one minute answer we, as viewers, get the essence of the whole thing and thus have the chance that something really sticks in our everyday hustle and bustle. And for all those who are even more interested in a topic, we always include further reading material.

If, in the next discussion, somebody simply slams a sentence like that in our face, you no longer lack the arguments and you can be sure that your response is really scientifically founded.

one minute answer is available on all major platforms and of course we are always open for suggestions.

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